We are delighted you have chosen our team to provide your child’s dental and orthodontic care. We want to share some information to help you prepare for your first visit to our office. We are not your typical dental office! As specialists in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, our approach may be different from what you are accustomed to experiencing at a general dentist’s office. The following information will help you and your family prepare to have a fun and informative visit!

Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

  1. A parent or legal guardian must be present for the initial appointment. We invite you to stay with your child during the initial visit. This is a great way for you to see our office and team in action. We want to build trust with your child through age-appropriate terminology, friendliness, compassion, and consistency.
  2. Our goal for the first visit is to provide parents with “anticipatory guidance” concerning dietary habits, brushing routines, and fluoride exposure, and to answer any concerns you have. We will review your child’s medical history, do a thorough exam, and assess the health of your child’s teeth, gums, head, neck, and developing bite.
  3. During the first visit, we perform an exam and x-rays if necessary. Our goal is to introduce dentistry in a fun, non-threatening manner. If your child needs any treatment whether it be a cleaning or fillings, future visits will be based on the positive foundation built from the initial visit.
  4. Please do not threaten a visit to the dentist as punishment. Instead, help your child understand that healthy foods and brushing keep their teeth healthy and strong.
  5. If you are bringing non-appointed children, we ask you to bring another adult with you. Siblings may be asked to remain in the waiting room play area.
  6. Please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so we might answer any questions you may have prior to seeing your child.

We strive to provide the highest quality care for you and your child. We look forward to meeting your family. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to this initial appointment.

Orthodontic Consultation

Your first consultation with us is free. During this visit, we will perform all necessary X-rays, photographs, digital impressions, and a detailed examination to help us get an accurate picture of your smile. Our team will also discuss your smile goals and what you would like to see achieved with treatment.

What Will I Learn From The Initial Examination?

There are five essential questions that we will cover during the initial examination:

  1. Is there an orthodontic problem, and if so, what is it?
  2. What must be done to correct the problem?
  3. Will any teeth need to be removed?
  4. How long will the treatment take to complete?
  5. How much will the treatment cost?